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Dementia research isn’t just about the brain

Activities at a dementia group (Copyright: Department of Health*)

Activities at a dementia group (Image copyright: Department of Health)

Studying how the brain changes as part of neurodegenerative diseases is crucial, but there’s growing evidence that the way the rest of our body changes as we age is important too. As we launch the UK Dementias Research Platform, the Chair of our Neurosciences and Mental Health Board Professor Hugh Perry tells us why we need to be taking a more holistic approach to research into dementias.

There was a time when we would have considered diseases of the brain in isolation of other body systems. But to put it crudely, 75-year-old brains are part of 75-year-old bodies, and these 75-year-old bodies tend to have various physiological problems.

There’s now growing evidence that as we age changes in physiology such as arthritis and diabetes are associated with changes in our mental processes such as memory, language and decision-making. Read more