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Thinking on their feet: the standing desk revolution

Meg Fluharty*

Meg Fluharty*

How many hours a day do you spend sitting down? If you’re on your feet for the majority of your working day then perhaps you enjoy some (sitting) down time. However is our increased use of computers and digital technology in medical research and the work place encouraging an increasingly sedentary working life? Isabel Baker investigates.

Standing while you work turns out to be an, erm, long-standing tradition. Famous historical figures including Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway and Charles Dickens all worked at standing desks, and of course researchers at the lab bench or in the clinic are used to spending hours on their feet.

Sedentary behaviour has been recognised as a public health issue only in the past 10 years, and recent research has suggested that standing is a healthier alternative to long periods of sitting1,2. Read more