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Attracting ― and keeping ― the best

(Image credit: Flickr/Danny Howard)

(Image credit: Flickr/Danny Howard)

Today we learned of a simplification to the immigration process for senior researchers from overseas. Here Linda Holliday, Deputy Human Resources Director at the MRC, reflects on the announcement, and the importance that information from those working at the coalface of recruitment has in bringing about changes to immigration policy.

The UK has an excellent track record in science and research. Despite growing international competition, the UK research base is second in the world for excellence and we are the most productive country for research in the G8 group of nations. When it comes to individual disciplines, the UK tends to come first or second in the rankings.

Our scientific workforce is a vibrant and diverse group of people. We know that the collaborations that UK researchers establish with their international counterparts is of a high quality and we rely on the UK’s immigration system to help us bring people to the UK for short periods to continue these collaborations, as well as attracting and retaining the best international talent for longer-term positions. Read more