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What’s in a workspace? Brad Amos and his basement

This article was first published in the Spring edition of Network.

Microscope hackers

Today we announced funding for the Next Generation Optical Microscopy Initiative, a £25.5m investment from three research councils for scientists to create or house technology that pushes the boundaries of microscopy. They’ll be using the techniques to peer more closely at cells and the processes that bring about disease. Here we take a look at just one of the 17 projects, which aims to combine electron and light microscopy to image living cells in minute detail.

(Copyright: University of York)

(Copyright: University of York)

It might not look very pretty, but this grey image represents a step towards something of a holy grail for researchers. It’s an image of proteins within a cell taken with a combination of an electron and light microscope, a technique that scientists at the University of York and the Cancer Research UK (CR-UK) London Research Institute are about to take one step further and use on living cells. Read more