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Measuring time: getting research from bench to bedside

(Image credit: Flickr/Artiom G)

(Image credit: Flickr/Artiom G)

Why do some research findings take so long to affect healthcare? And how can we make sure that the time between the bench and the bedside is the right amount? The MRC evaluation team’s Ellen Charman spoke to Professor Stephen Hanney at Brunel University about his research analysing what speeds up, or slows down, the journey from lab to clinic.

Pretty much everyone would agree that the speedy translation of research into medical advances such as new drugs, devices and healthcare policy is a good thing.

Aside from the health benefits, the economic return from an investment in medical research is higher, the shorter the period of translation or ‘elapsed time’ is. For example, in the area of cardiovascular disease, the rate of return on a new intervention doubles if you can reduce the elapsed time from 25 to 10 years. Researchers estimate that on average, it takes 17 years for research to reach clinical practice. Read more