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Drum roll, please …

Birthdays call for parties, so last week the Cheltenham Science Festival threw us an (early) 100th birthday bash, complete with cake, balloons and … the results of our Centenary poll on medical advances.

As Science Museum Executive and former Editor of New Scientist Roger Highfield tweeted later in the day, there’s something slightly surreal about singing Happy Birthday to a research funding body in the company of Jim Watson, co-discoverer of the structure of DNA. Read more

The MRC at the ‘Glastonbury of science’

The MRC has been supporting the Cheltenham Science Festival for the past 10 years. Like all great partnerships, our relationship with the organisers and visitors to the festival has grown with time; we now help to develop content for the festival programme as well as being a sponsor.

Here’s just a flavour of what we do…

Read more

More than the ‘baby blues’

(Credit: Flickr/Ville Misaki)

(Credit: Flickr/Ville Misaki)

At an MRC-sponsored session at the Cheltenham Science Festival in June, women who have experienced postpartum psychosis recounted their experiences. MRC External Communications Officer Stacy-Ann Ashley was there, and reflects on this little-mentioned condition.

I had never heard about postpartum psychosis before, and I’m sure I’m not alone. The condition, in which new mothers experience psychotic symptoms in the days or weeks after having a baby, is not often talked about and women often hide their symptoms.

All the more impressive then that two women who have experienced this form of psychosis were willing to share their experiences on a rainy, windy evening at the Cheltenham Science Festival. Read more