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Open innovation as a reality

Chris Watkins

Chris Watkins

Chris Watkins, the MRC’s Head of Translational Research, explains why today’s announcement of £7 million funding for 15 research projects awarded through our open innovation collaboration with AstraZeneca is such a significant step, and a signs of things to come.

We’re at an exciting time for medical research. Barriers are coming down, boundaries are blurring, and researchers are coming together more and more to crack important questions.

The term ’open innovation’ is bandied about a lot, but real examples of where it’s worked are only now beginning to emerge. That’s why I’m so enthusiastic about what we’ve announced today — working with AstraZeneca, the MRC has provided UK academic researchers access to 22 well-characterised compounds and the funding to undertake studies which will lead to a deeper understanding of human disease and speed up the development of potential new treatments.

A major focus for the MRC over the past five years has been on research which translates the results of basic science into improved healthcare, products and services. Translational research is a pivotal part of MRC’s strategy and part of my job is to develop ways to make this happen. Read more