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Profile: Chris Grainge

Chris Grainge

Chris Grainge

Royal Navy doctor and University of Southampton researcher Chris Grainge talks to Sarah Harrop about how his work on chronic asthma could lead to new ways of treating the disease, in the second of a series of profiles taken from our Annual Review 2011/12.

Not many MRC scientists have parachuted into icy cold oceans or researched the best way to escape from a wrecked submarine. But as a Royal Navy doctor, Chris Grainge has done both. When he’s not jumping out of planes, Chris is a respiratory medicine consultant at Southampton Hospital. Last year his MRC-funded research led to a new way of thinking about asthma which could help us use asthma drugs more effectively.

Although Chris’s medical and naval training saw him work as medical officer onboard a warship in the Caribbean and an icebreaker in Antarctica, his first love is working on the respiratory medicine wards. That’s because he gets to work with people of all ages with very different diseases. On a typical day he might see a young person with cystic fibrosis, an adult who has occupational lung disease or an older person with lung cancer or emphysema. Read more