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  1. Dr Eladevi Shah #

    Air pollution places a horrendous burden on our health ……….

    The importance of these findings are easiest to understand when you consider all of the improvements that stemmed from matching investigations into exhaust toxicity. ………

    This is the picture of pathophysiology of the creation of the air pollution and at the same time effects on mass health, HUMAN BEINGS, animals, plants, crops and life of all living beings including one cell organisms such as Amoeba, Macrophages, antibodies and mixture of chemical end results Toxins. We need policy makers should be opened eye so we scientist could present more research work with great hopes to bring Harmony in Health with Healing Hands and Healing Herbs. I am also a scientist and feel suffocated when support for research work is not available. Hope this write up of mine will be seen by Improvement in health-NHS 70 years celebration.

    July 19, 2018

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