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  1. Ruth Dixon (@ruth_dixon) #

    Great article! MRI of fruit has a long history – see the ‘Nottingham orange’ from about 1978 (pdf)

    June 2, 2014
  2. You hit the nail on the head re what we’re aiming to communicate (and inspire)in an ESA 2014 workshop I’m co-organizing. Called “Beyond the written word” we’re focusing on multimedia communication as a way to inspire and empower participants to communicate about science. Here’s a link to an EcoTone post we did about the workshop recently:

    Beyond that workshop, though, my personal/professional mission to catalyze a shift towards more public communication. The work I’m drawn to is providing tools, hands-on experience, and coaching to empower scientists to engage with people outside academia. In particular, I think there is great value in presenting yourself as a real live human doing science.

    Actually, I just did a blog post about three basic reasons why I think telling stories about scientists (not just science) is key to communicating effectively about science: (*I’ve added a link to your post, as you’ve articulated the point so well.)

    With a wildlife ecologist husband, my social and professional spheres are loaded with scientists of all sorts. And I can think of very few that have made the leap to regularly communicating publicly about their science (beyond the typical academic outlets). Doing so is an on-going (and sometimes slow-going) process, for sure. But that’s no reason to leave the important work of explaining why science is relevant every day to someone else.

    June 20, 2014

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