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Taking science into school: why both sides benefit

Colin Plumb PhD researcher at MRC CRM

Colin Plumb, PhD researcher at MRC-CRM

Science fascinates people of all ages. But for interested young people, higher education and a career in the lab can feel like a daunting and distant prospect. Colin Plumb is a PhD researcher at the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine (CRM) at the University of Edinburgh, where an unexpected collaboration with a local school is inspiring the next generation of researchers and even refuelling his own passion for his work.

Researchers don’t always make the best teachers. We’re prone to getting caught up in small details, which can consume our thoughts and divert attention away from the bigger picture. It’s unfortunate, because the big questions in science are often the most interesting. They’re the reason many of us were seduced by science when we began studying it in school. Helping to mentor young science students at Castlebrae High School has forced me to examine why I got into science, and I think in many ways re-learn things I had forgotten. Read more

Why research has a bright future in the UK

The Rt Hon Lord Henley present Professor Janet Darbyshire with the MRC Millennium Medal

The Rt Hon Lord Henley presents Professor Janet Darbyshire with the MRC Millennium Medal

Last week we awarded the MRC Millennium Medal to Professor Janet Darbyshire, whose world-leading research on clinical trials and epidemiology has prevented disease and saved lives across the world. Here the Rt Hon Lord Henley, minister with responsibility for life sciences and Industrial Strategy, reflects on the ceremony and the importance of sustained support for scientists, scientific discovery and its translation into health and wealth benefits.

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Celebrating 70 years of global health research in The Gambia

A symposium last month, to mark the 70th anniversary of MRC Unit The Gambia, revealed how much progress has been made in global health – and how much remains to be done. Pauline Mullin, the MRC’s Partnership Communications Manager for the unit, was there to find out.

Delegates at MRC Unit The Gambia 70th Anniversary Symposium

Professor Umberto D’Alessandro, MRC Unit The Gambia Director, with delegates at the 70th Anniversary Symposium

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