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Interview day: what’s it like to face a fellowship panel?

Dr Joanne Ng agreed to have a mock Clinical Research Training Fellowship interview filmed to give future applicants the chance to see exactly what it’s like to face the panel. The video below shows you the interview in full in the room where all MRC fellowship interviews take place. Beneath that you can see what the panel made of Joanne’s interview, and her reaction.

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What the panel’s really thinking

Chair of the MRC’s Clinical Training and Career Development Panel, Professor Moira Whyte, tells interview candidates what to expect from her panel. She explains that (although they can seem like an intimidating bunch on the day) they are actually very happy to meet you and hear about your project… so relax!

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Behind the picture: The sponge that turns cells into bone-fixing factories

The first UK Regenerative Medicine Conference took place in London this week. Sylvie Kruiniger spoke to Professor Fergal O’Brien, who heads the Tissue Engineering Research Group at the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland, about his work to help the body to fix itself.

Sponge-like scaffold made from collagen with nanoparticles inserted in. Credit: Dr Rosanne Raftery

Although our bodies have an amazing capacity to repair themselves, some damage is too big or too difficult for us to fix.

Fergal’s team have found a way to boost that capacity by developing a sponge-like implant that reprograms our cells to supercharge the healing process. Read more